Sunday, July 31, 2005

Coming to an end

This is the first day of my last week having my days free. While there are those that believe my working 7 nights a week for over 60 nights is insane, there are a couple of perks. The best of which is having almost 4 weeks of not working during the day & only having to be a Pageant for about 4 hours each night. But that's about to end. Next Monday, 08/08, I'll be starting back at South Coast Repertory Theatre(SCR)& then racing from there to get to Pageant on time. As I've done this for the whole run of Pageant before, I think 4 weeks is definately doable. Not ideal, but doable.

I'm really excited about my upcoming stint at SCR. It's a HUGE show (Caucasian Chalk Circle) with 96 costumes. I'm gonna be the one to fit them all to the actors, take the notes on what needs to be done to each of them (alterations, repairs, quick rigging, underdressing, etc.) & then I'm sure actually do many of the notes. The pay increase pales in comparison to my excitement that the shop manager has given me this opportunity to have much more responsibility & believes in the skills I've gained in my last couple years there & at Pageant.

So, for my last week of daytime freedom, here's what I've planned: Begin & finish a wedding gown alteration job I gotta get done (shouldn't take long), take my nieces to Wild Rivers, go to the gym every day (since I won't be there at all for a month), work on my scrapbook, finish a secret sewing project (stay tuned for more info on that if you care), perhaps take my hubby to lunch. I've also been inspired by a friend to use up the last of my 5 pounds of butter by attempting to bake shortbread (all the while wearing protective oven mits for my fingers).

Friday, July 29, 2005

Hot Stuff

Well that didn't take long. I've my first thing to post about. I just really burnt my fingers. Stupid cupcakes!!! Here's the story: tonight is one of several potlucks at Pageant. Last week I bailed out 'cause I wanted to be home with Kaisara. For this week's potluck Kaisara's going to go to work with me (it's all about the food isn't it Kaisara?). Since I'm gonna be eating at the potluck, thought I should take something. What's a good use of 5 lbs. of butter we received as a gift from the inlaws visiting from New Zeland. Yes, 5 lbs. of butter as a gift. Let's not forget the package of sausages that came with it. (other cultures are so cool!). Anyway, looking for a use of 5 lbs. of butter I decided to attempt yellow cupcakes from scratch. As I was putting the second pan of cupcakes in the oven, "oh look, the 1st pan needs to be shifted. Let's grab it with our unprotected right thumb & index finger. yeah, that's a great idea!" HELLO! Have you any idea hot bad that hurts? I hate it when I do stupid things. Ever tried typing without using your index finger & thumb?

Here goies nothin'

So, after several people telling me to start a goes nothin'. I've no idea what I'll write or what I'm doing or if anyone will read but I'll give it a shot. I've been enjoying reading friends' blogs for months now so I thought I'd give a little somethin' back.