Friday, March 28, 2008

So Far, So Good

I was really able to rack up the miles this month. February I did really well too. So far I'm above where I need to be for the year to reach my goal in December. That feels great since I got such a lousy start in January with the rain & being sick TWICE!

I'm not gonna start slackin' now though. Who knows when life will happen & I won't be able to pedal myself around so much.

FYI: Over 1 1/2 miles of this week was Kaisara & I walk/jogging. Go us!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm Looking Forward To This

I'm tired of Creationism not being viewed as a science as long as Evolution is viewed as such. A MAJOR requirement of science is OBSERVATION. No one that is around now was around then to observe. So, we must take what we can observe, scientifically, and draw conclusions and therefore beliefs from that. I've been called a "fundamentalist" as though it were a large red "A" to bear. When I inquired what a fundamentalist was & they explained, I just smiled with pride & said, "Yeah, I guess I am." I've no problem with the label some have given me. What I have a problem with is being viewed as less intelligent and close-minded. I've examined both sides of this science issue & have come to my conclusion. I am NOT close-minded. How many of those that consider me such have examined the side of the fence that I'm standing on? They wouldn't dirty their shoes with my turff. What many don't take the time to consider is that we ALL have to take SOMEONE'S word for it. We are not out in the archiological digs. We are not in the labs conducting experiements. We can not even begin to comprehend being in front of a computer cranking out the mathmatical equations that our scientist do. We must take their findings, roll them over in our brains and choose who is more correct than the other. You can label some who has gone through examination of both sides of this issue right or wrong but you cannot label them unintelligent or close-minded. Those are the labels reserved for those who have only examined one side.

No matter what side you're on, you choose to believe the science of one side over the science of the other. I'm positive that all who read this blog know what side I choose to believe & yes, I believe it is not only backed by scripture but by science as well. Someone whom I love, trust and admire for more reasons to count, who has studied both sides of this issue more than anyone else I know came to believe in creation over evolution through the study of evolution itself. In their words, "It's just not scientific." Anyway, this person has informed me of an upcoming film that I'm looking forward to "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed". Below is a quote from IMDB:

I got tickets to an advanced screening in Boston and showed up really not expecting anything or knowing much on the subject except 'Isn't Ben Stein that guy with the game show and does the visine commercials' This documentary is about the debate within the scientific community, or lack thereof, between Intelligent Design and Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Professors and journalists are interviewed who have lost there jobs for even the mention of ID with Ben Stein as our host to this all. That is the spring board from where the movie starts, from there it delves deeper into the underlying meaning and reasoning behind why people support or condemn each in an intelligent way. What got me was how he showed both sides of the argument and was not afraid to track down people who supported and denounced each side. And not only scientists. Everyone was given a fair voice unlike some other over rated documentarians who give you their own agenda. If you want something intelligent instead of the recycled garbage Hollywood cranks out, give this movie a watch.

I'm looking forward to what even this, I assume, non-Christian reviewer has viewed as a "fair voice" from both sides. Click here to view a trailer.

This movie isn't about Christians vs. The Science World. It's about scientists being shunned from their community & livelihood for believing, outloud, that their is a "divine spark" in our being. They're not claiming Jesus Christ is the Messaih for all people (I am), they're just questioning what they & we have been taught as science. Isn't that what science is?

Friday, March 14, 2008

For All You CCR Fans

This one's funny too. I can't hear the right lyrics now. Thanks to Greg for sending it to me.

Mucho Silly

This video cracked me up. Kathy emailed it to me months ago. I just looked it up on You Tube for another laugh. Enjoy!

More Photo Updating

I've finally got our before/after pictures of our Master Bathroom. Here's a couple. If you'd like to see more, take a look at my Shutterfly account.

Happy (late) Birthday

Yesterday was Cat's birthday. I drove up to spend the day with her on Tuesday. I guess this post is late in more ways than one.

We dropped Alex off at day care. Went to pick up her hubby's car. It's a Dodge, Magnum. She let me drive it back to her place. SWEET! I love driving different cars. And let me tell you, that's one nice ride. It really likes going 80. What!?!? I had to stick my foot in it a little! Cat understood. I'm sure Randy'd be pleased. Kaisara just smiled.

Anyway... back to birthday celebration. We went over to Victoria Gardens & got mani-pedi's. Much needed for me. The gals did a great job & we walked out feeling a little spoiled.

Off to high tea for us. I made reservations for us at a tea house that was new to us. It was nice. The couple running it were nice too. Although we both agreed that our usual place was still our favorite.

We then hunted down a nearby yarn shop & Cat treated me to a ball of yarn that reminds me of mint julips.

We stopped back by Victoria Gardens to poke around Borders. Kathy dropped in, we chatted & I'm sure drove other customers crazy. We zipped over to Kathy & played a few songs on rock band. Yeah, we rocked it.

Then we had to race back to Cat's 'cause she had to get the kiddos.

It was an awesome day. Happy Birthday, friend. I love you!

Waylaid Again

It was gonna be another great mileage week. Ride into the office on Thursday & ride along the beach today. Thursday I got all packed up, rode to the mailbox first. Good thing since I realized I had a flat. Bummer. Had to drive.

Today Kathy was gonna bring her bike down & we were gonna take on the boardwalk. She called to cancel 'cause she's a sicky. Note: don't drink grown-up beverages while eating cheesy fondue. It's not pretty. I'm sad we missed our ride. I'm even more sad that she's sick. Oh well. The beach woulda been chilly today anyway. Here's to mileage next week!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Photo Catch-Up

Our main computer is back on-line (for now). I thought I'd used this opportunity to catch you guys up on some photos.

First off will be what is normally my New Year's post. Favorite photos of 2007:

On our 10th Anniversary cruise. We had a great time.

One of the many GORGEOUS sunsets on our cruise.

Dana, Melanie & me at Melanie's birthday dinner. Yes, Dana's presenting what you think she is.

Melanie, Katie & me at Katie's birthday dinner.

Daddy & me at the top of Sears Tower in Chicago.

Daddy walking through the snow and rain in Iowa.

My nephew, Savelio at his 1st birthday party with his Grandma Susan.

Greg, Mer, Me & Kaisara just finished sneak-attacking Mom & Dad's room while they were gone.

Me and two of my girls (Cat & Dani of course) out in the freezing tundra in front of Coeur D'Alene Lake in Idaho.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Wind + Bike = Me No Likey

Well today's ride was poo-ey. Yes that's a term us cyclists use. At least this one, not that I'm really a cyclist. Poo-ey. It's when you go out on a ride that you know is challenging but you do it anyway 'cause you're a fatty but the wind is blowing in all directions except the one, singular direction that would aid you in getting your tookus to from point A to point B. THEN you get past what you know is the most challenging part of your ride (even when the wind is not whipping all around you except at your back) and come to find out the bike trail you need to take & went 1/2 mile out of your way for is closed & detoured another 1/2 mile out of your way. AAAAAAAAHHHH. Kathy, you would not have done on this one.

Good news is:

1. I did it. I kicked it windy butt it did not kick mine (oh wait that's not what I meant.
2. I got 13.6 miles in today
3. I spent the day with my sis'. She's rad. We scrapped & then played cribbage. She skunked me once (yes that's an actual term in cribbage, just ask Melissa, she's the queen of cribbage) and only mildly beat me the second game.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Any Ideas?

So I'm putting this out to all of my peeps...yes that's you.

For whatever reason I've been feeling a need to increase my Lucky Zelda sales. Perhaps it's being outta work for a few weeks now and almost two full months to go. I gotta sell more things. NO I DON'T WANT YOU TO BUY MY STUFF!!!

I want any and all of your great ideas on how to increase traffic that pulls up to my shop. Obviously my product is great ;-p No really, I'll take product ideas too.

Let me hear ya' people!!!!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

That Was A Good Day

Yesterday started off on the right foot & continued that way all day.

First off: I slept in a bit but not too much. Next I finished up an alteration for a friend & dropped it off on her porch (I hope it didn't get stolen, I haven't heard from her). Then a headed up to Rancho Cucamonga to see Kathy & Jody's new house. Strike that. It's more of an estate really. GORGEOUS!!!

After getting the grand tour, Kathy took me to lunch & I had my favorite sandwich: Chicken Pesto at The Corner Bakery. We then took a bike ride that was more difficult than we bargained for. We did find what looks to be a brand new bike trail though & we want to explore it more on another day. After the last half of our 6.7 mile trek we collapsed on the couch with tall glasses of ice water & talked knitting and crocheting for a bit. Then it was back home before rush hour could consume my life.

Kaisara came home from working a side computer job (yeah) & we headed back to Atomic Ballroom's Friday swing classes. We continued learning the Charleston Swing & then get this...Kaisara said we could stay for the next class too!!!!! Learned a little of the Lindy Hop.

Lunch with a friend
A bike ride
2 dance classes

I LOVE being fired.