Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here's Koadie

Some of you have been asking to see a photo of the horse that I've been working. Well, there he is. Handsome guy isn't he? My sis works with a girl, Tracy, that owns a horse, Nick & Tracy's sister owns Koadie but is out-of-state for school. Tracy needed help working Koadie since she's got Nick, school, work & not enough time for Koadie. The stables is just over 1/2 mile from my house & of course my arm had to be twisted to have horses re-enter my life after an 18 year absence. I'm not really sure how I survived that long.

The wound on my leg from my first ride a month & a half ago has finally healed up enough that it's not painful to ride. The ol' tail bone's still a bit sore but that'll take months to be completely gone. Koadie has now had some stubborn wounds that I've been caring for. Between those & the rain, there hasn't been much riding. It's been awesome to learn that I don't NEED to ride as much as I just NEED to be around horses & working with them even if it's just on the ground. They're large, gorgeous, stupid animals but it's rewarding when I can tell I've connected with them in some way. Even if it's just that he sees me as the treat lady (yeah, I got bit for that).

Today was my first ride in a couple weeks. It was great to be back up there. Hopefully tomorrow morning has another ride in store for me.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Long Time Coming

So I finally got all of my photos of our Thanksgiving trip to Creede, CO organized & uploaded onto Shutterfly. There are those out there who have been pestering me to get this done. You know who you are :-). If you're interested, click here to take a look.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Favorite Show Didn't Dissapoint

Kaisara & I went to opening night of "Noises Off" last night at SCR. It was awesome. It's our favorite show so we were excited when I found out last year that SCR was doing it this season. I worked on the costumes & the cast is all super sweet. Having only seen 2 different college productions of "Noises Off" (both were great by the way) Kaisara & I couldn't wait to see what a professional company could do with this incredibly difficult, complex play. I say it again, it was awesome.

For those of you who don't know the show, it's silly on top of funny. Slamming doors, pants falling down, tripping, falling down stairs, running into doors. Did I mention one of the characters spends 98% of here time in her chonnies?

All who are in the local vicinity and love good acting, a funny show and a great production should go see this show. Here's a link to a slide show. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Burning Rubber Now

I've been looking into getting an indoor trainer for a while now. Last week, Sione sealed the deal for me. He said he never had time to work out after working 10 hours a day but now realized he had time for 3 hours of television every night. I thought to myself, " Man! I've been sitting here for 2 hours watching this show."

After work on Monday, we picked up this new trainer (wish we didn't get the magnetic one. it's pretty noisy). Kaisara fixed my flat & set up the trainer for me. Ta-da! I peddled my little heart out for 1 1/2 hours of my 2 hour show (I had to take a 30 minute break after the first hour. my butt was killing me!). Now I need to get a cyclometer that connects to the rear tire so I know for sure how many miles I peddled (because really that's how I'm motivated). For now I'll just have to estimate.

See you on the road! (or in my living room) :-)

Monday, February 09, 2009

Always Hard to Ask

I need prayer. My body needs prayer. Not sure if I'm being attacked or if years of being a chubster is catching up on me. I just keep getting sick, injured or some other bizarre thing (I'll tell you about my astro-turf feet later). Seems like it's one thing after another in the last month and a half & each one isn't gone before the next one hits. They're starting to stack up. It's wearing & frankly, it's a little scary. I'd appreciate your prayers guys.


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Get Some Green By Going Green!

I just sold my vintage dress form. She was too beat up to serve my purposes. I figured someone could use her & I didn't need to keep her just cause she was free. I posted an ad on Craig's list a few days ago, now I've got a few extra bills in my pocket & a little more room in my house. Now I've sold: a drafting desk & chair, a travel bbq & a dress form. I've still got a men's 34 dress form listed. I figure he'll take a while to sell. Not many in the market for him.

I encourage you all to use Craig's List. By purchasing used goods you're helping the environment and by purchasing local you're helping your local economy. You're also helping your cash balances because you can find some great stuff for much less than buying it new. Not to mention the extra cash you get by selling stuff you don't need anymore. Once you sell one thing you'll start looking around your house for what else you're willing to give up for some cash. It's a little addicting.

Happy shopping/selling!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Take a Look You Star Wars Fans

Just opened earlier this week is a new shop on Etsy named Queen DeLuxe. My great friend from work, Bronwen, opened this shop & it is going to be one you'll want to keep an eye on. She's only listed two items so far but they're both AWESOME! Perfect for your Star Wars fan Valentine, boxer shorts made from vintage sheets from A New Hope & Empire Strikes back. Bronwen has other great items (you know that baby needs a Star Wars onsie) that will be listed soon. Please go take a look & tell a friend!