Monday, October 31, 2005

It's a go!

My passport arrived in the mail today! PRAISE JESUS! Now we can buy our plane tickets & get ready to go. Thanks for your prayers. I'll keep you updated with details as I get them. All I know now is that we're leaving on Saturday, Nov. 5th & returning Sunday, Nov. 13th.

We've no idea where we're staying & won't 'til we get there. All of the family is saying there's room to stay with them but Kaisara's dad is not so sure. We'll get there, have the family ceremony & then evaluate things regarding accommodations. They would love for us to stay with them, they want to be hospitable but they may be putting too much pressure on themselves because there's tons of other family there visiting & staying with them. We'll see. I'll look to this as an exercise for my task master/plan maker self to just relax. Here goes nothin'!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Request Denied

So here we are trying to plan a trip to New Zealand to see Grandma & say goodbye & I still don't have a passport. Before all of this was coming down I had applied for one knowing that this trip would be coming up sooner or later. I had no idea of how sooner it would be since they said I'd have my passport by the 3rd week in November, so I didn't put the $60 rush on it. Then when this Grandma stufff started happening, I put a rush on it & they said I'd have it by yesterday or today. Guess what? I don't. I called them & they said my request for the rush was denied. She said it looks like it's pretty much through processing but then it'd take 3-5 business days to receive it in the mail. WHAT!!!! I told you I gotta go on November 5th!!!! She put an URGENT message on it to mail it priority overnight but she said they might stick it in snail mail before they see the message & then there's nothing they can do?

Why in the world did I assume this whole process would go smoothly? I was being so proactive by applying for the stupid thiing before I even needed it! AAARRRGGGGH!

Please pray that my passport miraculously appears so that I can buy our tickets to go. But above all... the LORD's will be done.

Thanks guys!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

16 times 2

So I'm a bad wife. I'm totally late in posting this but..."Happy Birthday Kaisara!" Friday was his birthday & he's now 32. Last year he went all day thinking he was 32 'til I corrected him at dinner. He said that was his best present ever. He got a year younger in seconds. But this time it's for real. He's actually 32. Well this year I couldn't make him a year younger but upon his request, I ordered him personalized license plates for his newly painted firebird (look back soon for photos). He wanted "79FBIRD". Well, they were available & now they're not 'cause he's got 'em!

To prove he's the best husband ever I'll let you know that we agreed to going to my show's opening to see my red dress & vest that I totally freaked myself out over.

Happy Birthday Boy! Thanks for spending part of your day on me. I owe ya'!

Monday, October 17, 2005

A Whole Different Hemisphere

So I've never been outside of the good ol' U.S. of A. (other than 2 Mexico orphanage trips). Looks like my first time out will be to New Zealand.

Kaisara's grandma who lives in Western Samoa has really advanced breast cancer. The doctor's there are on strike & so she has no access to pain management. She's flying over to New Zealand where she's got another doctor (& kids to stay with) for what we hope are some major pain drugs. Anyway, we're going to fly out to see her for what looks like the last time. She was just here in June for Ursula's wedding but now we've got to say goodbye. Well, it's more like "See you later" as I know that she is a believer & is looking forward to seeing Jesus in Glory. How cool is that going to be for her. To go from endless, unrelenting pain to the open arms of her Savior. Super cool!

The rest of Kaisara's family is flying out November 1st. I can't leave until after work on the 4th. So we're not exactly sure what we're doing (other than charging it because it's going to be wicked expensive).

Kaisara & I were planning on seeing New Zealand next fall. Hoping to see lots of family, lots of sheep (that's inevitable there) & maybe even finding the Shire. Probably won't see much of anything this trip. That's fine though. I'd rather see Grandma.

Please pray for our safety, our finances, our health, & our ability to bring the comforting Spirit of the Lord to our family who are going to be hurting.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Big Sister's Big Day

Happy Birthday to the best sister ever! MINE! Jen's birthday is today but we're all going to lunch after church on Sunday to celebrate. It's pretty fitting that I started on her Christmas present the day before her birthday & I only got her birthday present the day before that. AHH planning!

I love you Mer! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Nothing else to blog

"X" your confessions

[ ] I am bisexual
[ ] I am homosexual
[ ] I've run away from home
[ ] I listen to political talk radio
[ ] I collect comic books.
[ ] I shut others out when I'm sad
[ ] I open up to others easily
[ ] I am keeping a secret from the world
[ ] I watch the news
[ ] I own over 5 rap CDs
[ ] I own something from Hot Topic.
[ ] I love Disney movies.
[ ] I am a sucker for hair/eyes.
[X] I don't kill bugs. i feel guilty if i do
[ ] I curse regularly.
[ ] I have "x"s in my screen name.
[ ] just to be funny I've slipped out a "lol" in a real conversation
[ ] I love Spam.
[X] I bake well cheesecake anyone?
[ ] I would wear pajamas to school
[X] I have a job LOVE it
[ ] I love Martha Stewart.
[x] I am in love/like with someone. For over 1/2 of my life now.
[x] I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS i usually try to correct it though
[x] I am self conscious. if you're not, i find you amazing
[x] I like to laugh. 'til it hurts
[ ] I smoke.
[ ] I loved Go Ask Alice.
[ ] I have cough drops when I'm not sick.
[ ] I can't swallow pills.
[x] I have many scars. seems like i'm adding to my collection weekly
[x] I've been out of this country just tijuana & ensanada. hope to add to that list soon.
[X] I believe in ghosts never seen one though
[ ] I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room
[X] I am really ticklish don't even try it!
[x] I love chocolate. if you don't. i find you crazy!
[ ] I bite my nails.
[ ] I am comfortable with being me.
[ ] I play computer games/video games when I'm bored
[ ] Gotten lost in the city.
[x] Saw a shooting star. few weeks ago actually
[X] I had a serious Surgery. does reattaching a tendon count?
[x] Gone out in public in your pajamas. senior year of hight school. what a dork!
[ ] I have kissed a stranger.
[x] Hugged a stranger. though i try to avoid "hugger man" at church
[ ] been in a fist fight with the same sex.
[ ] Been arrested.
[ ] Laughed and had milk/soda come out of your nose
[ ] Pushed all the buttons on an elevator
[ ] Made out in an elevator
[ ] Swore at your parents.
[ ] Kicked a guy where it hurts.
[ ] Been skydiving
[ ] Been bungee jumping.
[X] Broken a bone. 4 & dislocated 3 joints
[ ] Played spin the bottle.
[X] Gotten stitches there's that whole reattaching the tendon thing again
[ ] Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour
[x] Bitten someone that's how you fight with a sister right?
[ ] Been to Niagara Falls.
[x] Gotten the chicken pox. twice!
[ ] Crashed into a car.
[ ] Been to Japan
[ ] Ridden in a taxi.
[ ] Shoplifted.
[ ] Been fired.
[x] Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back if you haven't. i find you lucky.
[ ] Stole something from your job.
[ ] Gone on a blind date.
[ ] Had a crush on a teacher/coach.
[ ] Celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
[ ] Been to Europe.
[ ] Slept with a co-worker.
[x] Been married 8 years, & almost 3 months
[ ] Gotten divorced.
[x] Saw someone/something dying stepped on a baby chick once. it was horrible
[x] Driven over 400 miles in one day. 6 years in youth ministry. need i say more?
[ ] Been to Canada.
[x] Been on a plane. 5 times
[ ] Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
[ ] Thrown up in a bar.
[X] Eaten Sushi. salmon with soy paper, not seaweed.
[x] Been snowboarding. once at hume lake
[X] Been skiing. big bear, squaw valley & brian head
[x] Been ice skating. pretty bad at it too!
[ ] Met someone in person from the internet.
[x] Going to or have gone to college. best thing about college is that it's done!
[ ] Done drugs
[x] Taken painkillers post wisdom teeth extraction
[ ] Cheated on someone else
[ ] Had sex with more than one person.
[x] Thought about suicide would never do it. too hurtful to those left behind
[ ] Feared for your life because of another
[x] Been hurt so bad you'll never forget the pain hope i'm done with this one in life
[ ] Wished somebody would die
[x] Lied to your girlfriend/boyfriend can't remember an instance but in 8 years of dating i must have at some point.