Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Selling our Wares

This Saturday, April 25th my friend Bronwen & I are participating in San Gabriel's 20th annual Grapevine Festival & Car Show which is an awesome craft show and this is the 2nd year they've added a classic car show. In the past it's been a 3-day event seeing 10,000 people walking through. This year the event is only one day but we're hoping all of those 10,000 still show up. If you're in the area or are ready for a road trip, please stop by to see us.

We're also participating in a show in May 17th. Our goal is to sell ALL of our inventory this weekend so we'll be freaking out (on a pile of cash) to get more inventory ready for May's show.

Should you choose to swing by Google this address for directions: 620 W. Santa Anita, San Gabriel, CA.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Having A Great Time

My mom today said something that made me happy. She was told that many people in their mid-thirties aren't happy since their not in their twenties any more & life is really responsible and such. Not that I'm in my mid-thirties (after all, I'm only 34) but it still made me smile. No, I'm not in my twenties. So what. Sure they were fun but so is this. I'm having a great time. Despite a bulging C7 disk & buzzing legs, I'm having a great time. I've got work doing something I absolutely love, a super cute swing dance partner who finds me amazing (& me him), a funny dog that thinks I'm the center of the universe & last-but-not-least a growing relationship with my Creator. An amazing family and group of friends (those are really one in the same aren't they) that loves me for me and that loves to laugh helps to make my life awesome even in the ever approaching mid-thirties. People in their 30's are sad? I'm sad that they're not (or don't realize) that they're as blessed as me. BRING ON 35! I'm gonna ROCK IT!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Rug Cutters

Kaisara & I have 1 more week in our Lindy Hop class. We're having a blast. It has really paid off. We've gotten sooo much better. Kaisara's a better lead & much to his relief, I'm a better follow (I was pretty awfull in the following a lead catagory). We still crack ourselves up, but won't that always be the case? We try not to be too disruptive & even our instructors giggle at us. We'll have to check out the finances but we wanna take the next series. I think we're ready to actually dance a little outside of class (I'm sure spectators will laugh almost as much as we will).