Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dancin' Machines

Yeah that's right. After a summer of not much dancing Kaisara & I have both jumped in with both feet. We started a West Coast series on Thursday nights where we've been taking the beginning (mostly a review) and the intermediate (holy cow that's some new territory!) classes. Most weeks we've even been staying for the dance afterwards just to cement our new moves into our little brains.

Two Saturdays ago we took a beginning Lindy Hop intensive course that was over 3 hours of class. It was a blast! We were totally tuckered by the end of it but we learned alot. Not many new moves but how to do them better & all the more important how to link them together. It was great!

I think we're going to be brave & try the intermediate Lindy class this Tuesday. Hopefully our toes (and egos) won't be too bruised after that experience.

In these last few dance filled weeks I've learned something about myself as far as dancing goes....I'm not very good. I can do coreography & be where you want me on what count you want me there. But social dancing? Not so good. Poor Kaisara has to lead me with an iron fist. He practically has to shove me around (& I've almost eaten it a time or two). But I'm learning to read his lead & he's learning to lead. So that's good.

The best part is we sure are laughing alot. Sometimes at each other. Sometimes at "us" being total goof balls. I think the teachers get a kick out of us and we really try not to be too disruptive but come on people, we're supposed to be having fun! Most of our classmates are so stoic & serious. I've been wearin' one of the most stoics down though. He's smiling now!

So we're having fun. We're learning alot. We don't look like much other than a couple having a great time with one another while trying not to fall down or knock each other out.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Oh Yeah. You Don't Know This Yet.

I've been meaning to post this but then think of myself as being a little narcissitic. Then I think I'll post it anyway & then I forget. Thus is the cycle of the Cate brain. I've started a Lucky Zelda blog. Not much goes on there but I'm trying. Anything to increase traffic of buyers to the shop ya' know. Anyway, I occassionally post things there Etsy related so if you'd like stop by from time to time.

Oh yeah, here's the link.