Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

In celebration of my birthday...I'll go to work and then after that, I'll go to work! I did, however, order myself a carrot cake to take to work #1 for all to share.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

It's Only 3 Weeks, Right?

Today is my last free week day. I start working at SCR tomorrow on their first play of the season, "Nothing Sacred". I'm excited to have been asked back. I'm not excited, however, to be working all day & then go straight to Pageant every single night. SCR is only Monday through Friday so that's a good thing. SCR's shop hours start at 9 not 8 so that's another good thing. Until Pageant closes on Friday, September 1st I'll be working almost 70 hours a week. Good for the bank account, bad for Cate's sleeping & seeing her man. This will be my fourth season of double duty during August. Each year it gets harder & harder. I guess that's an age thing.

Well, I'd better sign off to go finish my side work since today's my last day for it. You'll forgive me for only but a few posts during the next 3 weeks, I'm sure.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Oh, I Almost Forgot

It seems that that Summer of Cate is bound to continue. I broke my right little toe last Friday. Man! I hate it when that happens! Our metal coffee table had it coming, but alas, it gave it to me. Is summer over now please?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Less Computer, More Imagination Please

Kaisara & I finally got around to seeing "Pirates" yesterday. It was entertaining. I liked it. I liked the first one better. That's pretty typical for sequels. I'm getting REALLY tired of the over use of CGI in films now-a-days. Just because you can do it, doesn't mean you have to squeeze as much of it into a film as possible. I get that the big, stinky, scary, sea monster is a big, stinky, scary, sea monster. I don't need 2 separate 10 minute scenes of a big, stinky, scary, sea monster to get it. I'm smarter than that & I've got a GREAT imagination. I could have gotten the outcome of Captain Jack Sparrow's last scene if they had cut that scene 20 sooner. That way I'd be saved from watching the horrible use of a green screen that looked totally fake. Pirates is not the only film that's guilty of this for me. There's plenty out there.

I'm finding that the overuse of CGI takes away from a film's magical ability to take me away to a far off place when that's what they're trying to do with it. I don't hate CGI entirely, just don't base every moment of every action or panoramic sequence on it. Frankly, I believe it takes less skill & imagination to spit it out of a computer than to find a way to pull something off in our basis of reality and the laws of physics & make it looks like it's not.

Annnnyhoo...I liked the story. Coulda done less of the slimy, barnacle clad crew of Davy Jones but liked Davy Jones himself (he's grown an interesting beard since leaving The Monkeys).

Kaisara's already guessed the end of the third film & I thinks it's totally possible. Disappointing, but definitely possible.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tired of Transition

It never occurred to be before this afternoon that transition is tiring. Actually, I'm rather tired right now. Life's always in flux. That's a given. But when one area of your life is constantly inconstant, it's tiring.

It's been numerous years now that Kaisara's & my church life has been in one phase or another of transition. We love our church family(ies). Even more, we love our Savior and seek His will for our us. We want what He wants. I'm just tired of, "This is going to be a time of transition." I want a constant, consistent place for worship, for service, for being fed and feeding others. Needless to say, our church is in "a time of transition". All could very well work out for the better there. I hope so. I'm just tired. I want a home again.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Nothin' much, how 'bout you?

Lucky is doing well. We were able to cut his meds & fluids down to twice a day. I can tell he's really feeling better excepts he's still not really eating. His super-vet thinks there's something else going on in his little body, killing his appetite, but we're not going to find out. The finding out may be his undoing & whatever it is we probably wouldn't or couldn't treat anyway. So for about another month or so he's just gonna be a happy guy who doesn't eat much. Although we found that he's enjoys flour tortillas a great deal.

I went to tea with Cat, Kathy & Kathy on Friday. That was divine. The tea was lovely even though the server lady wouldn't stop talking. Our reservations were at 1:30 and we didn't leave until they kicked us out at closing time at 5:00. I love those girls. After spending some time with them (some of them or all, it doesn't matter) I just feel lighter on my feet. They're good for me.

Kaisara played the drum set in church again on Sunday & kicked some butt. He's so great! He's really good at the percussion stuff so doesn't get to play set much. I was glad he had the opportunity & that he did such a good job.

I've got several sewing side jobs going so that's nice to the bank account (even ever so slightly). I'm trying to get most of them done before returning to SCR next week while still working at Pageant at night.

I'm REALLY looking forward to our Denver trip in September. Seeing friends, drinking some Peete's, zerberting my godson. Ya' know, all good things that need to be done.

Had a nice day of hanging out with my sis. Yesterday. Got some scrapping done. Showed her the bizzare mansion on the hill in a housing tract in Tustin. Taco Bell for lunch. Trip to Michael's. Good day!