Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It has been pointed out to me by a couple of friends that I haven't blogged in a while. Holy cow! May was my last post! That's horrible! Though there's been much goin' on I guess I have felt like I'd be being redundant in blogging since I've started using the black-hole-of-motivation known as Facebook. But one of the the things me no like-y about FB is there doesn't seem to be a place for writing posts. All the more reason I should not have neglected my blog. So with the probability of being redundant, here's what's been going on.

I've been off from SCR since the last week of May. I'll be starting up there again on August 10th. While I love being off & doing whatever I please, I do tend to miss the routine of a work week (paychecks make it nicer too).

I've been doing tons of sewing with my almost 2 1/2 months off. I've done lots of alterations for a friend from Bible study. I've built a bridesmaid's dress for another friend and I've built up Lucky Zelda to over 100 items.

June was Lucky Zelda's best month in it's 2 year history with 10 sales. That was awesome and very encouraging. Sometimes I'll go a long time without selling something that I've made & the little negative voice starts to hiss "why bother?". Because I enjoy it that's why. So shut up little pitiful voice!

The last bit of June & 1st couple days saw Kaisara & I on a road trip. We stayed in Monterrey for a couple nights. Rode our bikes over 20 miles, went to the aquarium & ate some delicious BBQ. We stayed at a lovely little B & B that we won't be returning to due to after hearing a conversation the manager was having on the phone. Horrifying. That really put a dent on what had been such a nice stay until then. After Monterrey, we headed further north to Ashland, Oregon with a dual purpose: finally see a show at the famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival and to visit several friends that now work up there. Ashland is beautiful, the show was great and catching up with old friends was soooo nice. From there we headed south to the Sacramento area to stay a few days with my Uncle Jack & Aunt Debbie (Mom & Dad's BFF's from high school). It was so great to see them & my cousins. It'd been shamefully too long since we'd seen them & we don't plan on that being the case next time.

My Dad & I were planning on road tripping cross country on his motorcycle but that has since been postponed. Maybe next summer.

Kaisara & Daryl have been officially hired at our church, Arbor Christian Fellowship as co-worship leaders. They've been playing together for over 12 years and they just keep getting better and better.

July 12th Kaisara & I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary making that 20 years together. We even still like each other.

Other than some walks with Zelda (including our maiden voyage to the dog beach), that's pretty much it. Though I'm sure I've left something out.