Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm Not Made for Competitive Sports

It's true. I've no problem admitting it. I'm just not made for competition. I don't think I've got a competitive bone in my body. If you wanna play, sure, I'll play. I just don't care who wins. Let's just play for the sake of playing. I competed in horse shows in my younger days but that was more of a showing off frame of mind & doing the best I could rather than an "I'm better than you at this" mind set.

This has been drilled into me hard this weekend. Kaisara & I have two of our awesome nieces this weekend. Tiana & I took Kayla to her all-star practice yesterday & I watched the girls get yelled at for 3 1/2 hours. Today, while Tiana & Kaisara were at church I took Kayla to her tournament. I like watching them play but listening to the girls get yelled at for 7 hours really got to me. It's not even just the coaches yelling. Everyone's yelling! It's not even an "oh, I'm so excited this is a great game!" yelling. They're honest to goodness yelling. Get a grip people!

While at the final game I was reading a magazine. One of the ads said, in huge letters, something to the affect of, "An inspired child can do amazing things". Huh, never knew that yelling was a form of inspiration. I held it together long enough get to my bedroom & brake down for a moment. I'm better now & am inspired even more than I ever have been not to be a yeller (and that was already a major goal of mine).

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Killed Obi Won

Not really. In reality, Alec Guinness died in 2000. I did however kill him in a dream last night. It was horrible. I have no idea where it came from. I love him. I've only seen him in the Star Wars movies & Doctor Zhivago but I think he's great. The horrible part of my dream is that I killed him on purpose. Premeditated murder. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM??!!??!!? Let just say he wasn't at all expecting me & it was messy. Afterwards I was completely remorseful. I knew I did something horrible & that I deserved to go to jail. I wanted to turn myself in but I knew that everyone would know what I did. I was more remorseful of dissapointing those I loved more than the killing poor Mr. Guinness. That's so bad. I was however relieved that my dream was a dream within my dream. I "woke" up to find that Dana & Melanie had been planning a suprise 10-year anniversary re-wedding for Kaisara & I. It was beautiful. Thanks ladies. It was gorgeous. I wore my wedding gown (that was a little too big, yeah right) and my dad did my hair (again I ask, where did that come from). The dream ended with me running past the door where Kaisara was getting dressed & I hollared at him to where a white dinner jacket with a black tie (it was an evening event). I raced into my room (we where running late) and took my hair out of the hot rollers. I smiled at myself in the mirror & said, "I look beautiful". Way better than slaying Alec Guinness with a piece of glass from a bronekn window pane. Yuck.

Friday, June 15, 2007


I'm working from home today since the designer & assistant wouldn't be in the shop today. I took homework home with me & got as far as I could. I need a pattern I left at the shop & didn't bring enough muslin for my mock-up any way.

I'm a much faster worker at work. Too many distractions at home. Well, back to it. I'm now working on a quilt a friend has hired me to make from her wedding gown.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Life's Been Busy

Last weekend Kaisara & I drove up to Cal State San Bernadino to see Cat in Noises Off. It's one of our most favorite plays so it was great to see Cat's shop's work again AND see Cat in the show itself. They did a great job. We laughed out loud for two hours. If you've ever an opportunity to see a production of it GO (& let me know so I can go too). After the show we went to Fridays with Cat, Randy, Kathy (whom Cat & I went to school with) & her beau Jody. We closed the place down. Not sure when the last time was that I had a restaurants lights turned on & the music off on me. Needless to say we had a great evening.

Sunday Four stories lead worship at church. AMAZING (as always). We then went to lunch with everyone & it was great to be joined with Alex & Becca. We sat & chatted 'til 3:30 when we had to go to our niece's birthday BBQ.

Monday & Tuesday I finished up my hours at SCR. I was originally going to be fired last Friday but Amy found 15 hours of "costume unassigned" so I put in all those hours in a day & a half so I could start my new job Tuesday afternoon.

Oh yeah, I got a new job. Perfect timing as I started right when SCR ended & this will end right when SCR picks back up. I'm the cutter for Shakespeare Orange County. It's been 4 years since I've done community theatre. Sure is different. I'm glad I'm there. Katie is the designer for both shows (oh yeah, we're doing Shrew & R & J). I know Katie from SCR. She's worked as Designer's Assistant & crafts on several shows. She's great.

Last night I picked up Dana as my date for Hamlet at SCR. Kaisara didn't want to go since everyone dies at the end & he's seen it before. I know it's one of Crista's favorites but I never heard from her so Dana was my arm-candy. I was really eager to see this production. I was really curious about how the actors I got to know a bit would pull it off & I, of course, wanted to see how the costumes looked after working on them for weeks. I did 13 pairs of pants as well as did all the costumes for a few of the actors. Go to SCR's website to see a brief slide show & video if you're interested. Dana & I both LOVED the show. Horatio, played by Michael Urie was our favorite. We both loved his performance, Dana thought he was hot & I know that he's a nice guy. So there ya' go.

I'm now adding a couple people to my "Rubbed Elbows With" list. You don't know their names but their faces might be familiar.

This weekend holds an Oceans marathon before viewing the new one and playing with 2 7-week old kitties that we're fostering for 2 weeks.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Born To Ride

I'm sorry, did you even notice my weekly mileage?

The booty's a bit sore but I'm goin' out again tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Open For Business

So I've got my store up & crawling. I can't say up & running as I've only got a few items posted right now. I'm hoping to crank out a few more things & post them rather soon. I'm 1/2 done with another purse & I've got several more baubles ready to post I just haven't done it yet.

My store is Lucky Zelda. A fitting little name for anyone who knows me & my love for my pets (past & present). My super generous & talented Julia designed my banner for me. She designed three so I've actually got two others that I also love. I plan on rotating them every so often.

I'm not really eagerly anticipating regular sales. If I get one here and there, that'd be awesome. I'll get you posted!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Delicious Never Sounded So Good

Kaisara, Daryl, Kyle, & Dana (otherwise known as Four Stories) will be playing at The Corner Broiler on Monday, June 4th. The Corner Broiler is, in a word, DELICIOUS! The band plays from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. This is they're 2nd time there & they'd love to fill it again with friends.

Kaisara & I discovered the place right around Christmas last year. It's a TINY (and I mean tiny) joint in the Albertson's center at Muirlands and Rockfield. The owner, Chris, welcomed us in, the wait & bus staff were awesome & the food was so very tasty. Anyway, come to here the band & eat great food. If you don't want to fork it out for a whole meal, they've got a bar & you could just order a beverage (or the brownie al la mode).

We'd love to see you there! I'll be outside knitting as I want to leave the tables for actual paying customers. I'm hoping Lydia with be there too. We also have wonderful chats.

Not Cheating...exactly

I've made a decision. Since purchasing Silvia (by the way, I've named my bike Silvia. Odd, since most of my things get boy names, but Silvia's a girl so her name is Silvia. Not sure how I decided she's a girl. She just is okay?!) now back to my sentence... Since purchasing Silvia, I've been biking rather than walking. I've made the decision to modify my goal of walking 500 miles in 2007 to include biking rather than just walking. I feel like this is cheating a little but that's okay. The goal of the goal was to exercise more & Silvia enables me to do that more than a mere walk. My heart rate is increased much higher, I don't get bored & I can accomplish more while riding Silvia instead of walking places because well, you cover alot of ground on a bike in no time! I'd forgotten that. Man! My mom & I went for 14.5 miles on Memorial Day. We're practically athletes, ya' know?