Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Queen DeLuxe

Earlier I wrote about my friends new Etsy Store, Queen DeLuxe. Well now you REALLY have to check it out. If your a geek, she's got boxers made from vintage Star Wars sheets. If you know a baby, she's got totally cute onsies & matching burp cloths. I've added her Etsy mini right below mine so you can get a little looksie. Check her out!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

To Keep or To Sell

Probably anyone reading this blog also reads my facebook. Therefore you probably know that I've added a section to Lucky Zelda named "Clothing with Vintage Style". I can't call them vintage since all the pieces are brand new but they will all be vintage styles. After all, anyone can shop at Target but only a few will buy "A Lucky Zelda Original" (as my tags read). So far I've got 2 wool skirts and a pair of wide legged wool trousers (all 1940's style). Now I'm working on a 1950's style dress. White with navy blue polka dots. It looked larger than I expected so I put it on. Yeah, it fits me (with a minor take-it-in alteration). It's totally cute! I wanna keep it. I wanna sell it and have the cash. Sigh. It's hard being me.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Litter Bugs

I went for a bike ride today. It's been a while that I've riden around to run errands. Lately I've just been pedaling in my living room while watching "All Creatures Great & Small" or from Kaisara's work to mine (when I'm working that is).

This morning I had some errands to run, all very local, so I decided to run them on the good ol' bike. It was great. The breeze I created for myself was cool but not cold & by the end of my ride it was sunny and gorgeous. Great ride. I got over 13 miles in so that's good too. Here's the thing that irks me. The amount of rubbish in the streets, bushes, gutters, etc. is ghastly! I don't understand this. Why do people throw their trash out of there car? Or if they're walking or bicycling why do they just drop it where they are at the time? I don't think I've ever understood this, even as a small child. Where ever you are (esp. in Southern CA) there's a trash can right there! When you get out of your car next, there'll be a trash can there. The next bus stop you pass on your walk/ride, there'll be a trash can there. It cheeses me off! THROW YOUR TRASH AWAY PROPERLY PEOPLE!!!

I did make a frustrating situation work for my benefit though. Being my grandmother's granddaughter I did stop for every plastic bottle & soda can I saw & put them in my pannier. I figure I made at least 50 cents.