Monday, April 14, 2008

All Good Things...

My days of being fired are coming to an end. It's been almost 3 months that I've had to go to a job on a regular basis. It's been a great 3 months. At times I've accomplished alot and at other times I've enjoyed being still. Here's a list of things accomplished (being still included):

*Finished my harlequin quilt for Lucky Zelda
*Worked 3 days at Laguna Playhouse (super glad to get my foot in the door there)
*Went biking twice with Kat
*Took Cat out for her birthday (best friend + mani/pedis + tea = great day)
*Worked numerous hours at the old office job
*Racked up kick-butt mileage on my bike
*Hung out with the sister unit several times
*Got up to Fall '07 in my scrap book
*Went to the dentist (got an A+)
*Had my hair cut & colored (sooooo much better than last time)
*Went to band practice & sang at a gig
*Re-joined Weight Watchers on-line (I'm down 2)
*Had lunch with Kaisara
*Made costumes for Diavolo Dance Theatre
*Assisted the designer at A Noise Within for their production of "Night of the Iguana")
*Made 15" of progress on my knitted stole that I'm making from a 50's pattern

Next up:

*Make some produce bags for Lucky Zelda
*Remake my own purse 'cause it's nasty
*Go to Randy's birthday party
*Go to Kat & Jody's house (estate) warming party
*$end invoice$ for my $ide job$
*First-Handing for Bronwen at SCR for their production of Taking Steps

Soon I'll be buckling down like a real person. Back to the grind. I'm looking forward to it. I don't think staying in my pajamas 'til 3pm every day is a good thing. I almost got out of the habit of brushing my hair. Yikes! But come May 31st...I'm fired again!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Stretching That Comfort Zone

The rumors are true. Here's a quote from Daryl's blog:

Oh yeah! The band and I will be leading worship at West Community Friends Church in Corona on April 6th. This will be a fun one because we're doing something new. For the first time ever, Cate Esera herself will be joining us on vocals! Dana won't be able to make this one so Cate stepped up to the plate. I think it'll be really cool. If you're inclined to come check it out, we'll be leading both the 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. services.

Scary. Daryl & Kaisara have been helping me with my harmonies. I'm a really strong singer when I've someone to follow. BUT DANA WON'T BE THERE FOR ME TO FOLLOW!!! That's why I'm singing in the first place. I even had Dana help me on my parts on the way home from the Getty last weekend (more on that adventure later). She was awesome. Very helpful without making me feel lame. Kaisara was encouraging when he said he thinks I've of 60% of the notes & that if the sound man's good he'll just turn me down. Thanks hon'. Great.

So anyway...I'm singin' with the band. I'm excited. I love to sing. I'm scared. I hate to suck.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Goose & Gander

I just got these pics from the production of Charolette's Web that I worked on in January. My favorite pieces I did were the Goose & Gander. The designs were awesome & the fabrics were great. This was my favorite kids show the theatre's done so far in the 5 seasons they've been doing them.

I also did the old sheep that's in the 1st photo. I didn't make the headpieces for any of them. They were great too! The show was alot of fun to work on.

Here's a Random Thought For the Day

Italian opera singers don't sing in a foreign language when singing most opera. They're just singing in the same language they speak. Must be easier for them to memorize their music.

Don't know why but that just occurred to me.