Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm Fired

Not fired, fired but fired for a week. The show I've been working on at SCR is opening tonight & the next show is a small contemporary one in terms of costumes so my help isn't needed. I start back there a week from Monday working on the first children's show of the season, James & the Giant Peach. All I know for sure is that I'm machine quilting an earthworm costume. Cool! I love costuming!

In random order here are my plans for my week of unemployment:
2. Finish my side sewing work that I got from a lady at Pageant.
3. Start back up on my Couch to 5K program
4. Do my Bible study homework in a timely manner rather than at my lunch break that day.
5. Make myself a couple of things to wear.
6. Go grocery shopping & actually make decent food for dinner.
7. Bathe my dog. She's filthy.

Looks like my docket is full. Better get to it!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Consider the Pavement Pounded

We did it! Team Galatians 6:10 completed the Race for the Cure. Thanks to all of the team members & their donors we have raised over $2,300 to fight breast cancer. By the time all of our money is counted (we've got a couple donations on the way) I'm sure we will meet our goal of $2,500. How cool is that!? I'm very pleased with this entire experience. I hoped to get 25 people on the team & I almost did. We ended up with 21. Cool. I hoped to get each of those 25 people to raise $100 making our team total $2,500. Even though we were a couple people short, we'll make the financial goal. That's even cooler!

I was a bit nervous. I've never participated in this race before & I found myself wrangling others into the experience with me. What if it was a bad one? What if they didn't have fun? What if they wished they hadn't done it? I just kept reminding myself that none of us were there because we were looking for fun. We were there to fight a horrific disease. But we had a great time anyway I think everyone said they want to go back next year. Friends of mine from several different circles of my life came together for a cause. They day was sunny with a great breeze. There were high school cheerleaders & dance teams cheering us on. There were bands playing to keep us moving. There were boy scouts handing out water. Everyone was great.

Two of my teamates ran & finished the 5K in just over 30 minutes. I walked behind a mob of thousands of people & finished much slower than I normally would have but I was enjoying the experience & the great company. Kaisara, Cat, Kathy, Randy, Casey & I finished in 1 hour & 8 minutes. Wow that's slow! But like I said, it was a great experience, with great company. I'll definately do this again next year! You all should join me! I've got a few pictures in my online albums up & am hoping to get more from other teamates & I'll add those later. Feel free to check them out.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wanna Help?

A week from today is the Race for the Cure in Newport Beach. I started up a team & together we've raised over $1,700. Go us! It's not to late to join team Galatians 6:10 nor is it to late to donate. You can donate to a specific individual on the team or make a general team donation. You can join the team or donate by clicking here. Hope to see you at the race or at least to see your name on our donors list.

Through this experience I've learned that 1 in 7 women get breast cancer & that men can get it too. Check those pecs guys!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pictures up!

Finally got around to uploading our Colorado pictures. Take a look if you'd like. The link is on the left. Thanks again to Geoff, Melissa & Elijah for a great visit! We love you guys!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Today was horrible. We had to put Lucky to sleep early this morning. He was awesome. We were with him to say good-bye. He was ready, even if we weren't. Today was horrible.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Restin' up

This has been the most restful vacation ever. I always thought a restful vacation would be boring. Just sittin' around, doin' nothin'. "Not so" says this rested vacationer. We've driven into Denver & saw Geoff's super scientific gynormous ultra magnet. We've watched a movie. We've played cribbage (I even beat Melissa once) & black jack. We drove to Boulder & walked up & down Pearl St. I mended Elijah's two quilts that I made for him. And needless to say we're enjoying Geoff's cooking. Today, while Geoff's at work, the rest of us are driving to Garden of the Gods to see some cool rocks & we're packing at picnic lunch.

We've gotta be at the airport at 1:15pm tomorrow. Cat was so awesome to let us park our car at their place & drop us off & pick us up. She rocks! Then normal life begins again. Normal 5-day work week, seeing my hubby on a regular basis life. It's good!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Chillin' in the C.O.

So here I am sitting on the Armstrong's nice cushy coach, typing whatever comes to mind...

We arrived in shorts, t-shirts & flip-flops to 56 degree rainy weather. We thought, "well, we're screwed". But it's turned out to be lovely. It's really green here. Geoff's explanation was sprinklers but I swear it's greener here.

Yesterday we had breakfast (I had the hen pen thank you very much) at Le Peeps. Delicious. Then we walked around Cherry Creek area. Had a tea at Peete's. Kaisara made enchiladas for us for dinner. Geoff & Melissa, the crazy Canadians that they are, pronounce it on-chiladas. That's grounds for teasing there. :-) We then ended the evening learning black jack. I liked it. If I weren't so cheap, that's a game I could play in Vegas.

This morning we woke up to Geoff pancakes. Delicious. We then walked to the farmers' market. We bought fresh ground peanut butter & cashew butter. Delicious. Geoff's baking banana bread at the moment. I'm sure that'll be nasty. I hope he doesn't make me eat some. That'll be awful :-)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hmmm...What Should I Do?

I had to smile at work today. It was getting toward the end of the day & a little thought began to slowly sneak into my mind. "What should I do tonight after making dinner?" How cool is THAT?! I get to make dinner (ground turkey tacos by the way) and THEN I get to choose to do something, or for goodness sakes, choose to do nothing at all. I'm a REAL girl!

Every year after Pageant I go through this. I don't find it odd that I don't have to be at work (as most people there say they do). For cryin' out loud why would I have to get used to the idea of not going somewhere that I've counting the hours 'til it's over? That's not a habit I find hard to break. What I do find odd is that I can do a variety of different things. Yeah!

Gotta go know. My man & I are walking to the store for tortillas (tacos remeber). Chow!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

...And Scene.

Pageant's over. For me, it's over for good. Some of you know that I gave my notice earlier in the month to my supervisor that this would be my last season. There are several reasons but the biggest one is the time it takes away from my life.

There's the two months of 7 nights a week. Big drag but there's fun to be had. There's lots of great people there in the summer. The problem is the two months of every night is following almost three months of lots of over time. Don't get me wrong, the time and a half & even double time is great for the bank account. It's not good, however, for me personally. I've missed many a wedding, baby/bridal showers, parties, barbecues, out of town & out of country family these past 4 years. Not to mention not seeing my amazing husband on a regular basis for almost half of a year. I'll never be able to get all that back. With no sign of things to change, I figured I'd be the one that has to make the change. With that comes a smaller paycheck & even no paycheck at times, as freelancing has no guarantees. It's all worth it & my LORD will provide.

This season SCR has lots of work for me so that's good. It love it there & always learn alot. Our first show opens this Friday. Kaisara & I will be in Colorado so we'll have to see it the following week (you gotta love comp. tickets).

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me (& kicked my butt when needed) throughout my Pageant career. My time there was an experience worth having & time was not wasted. Thank you.