Wednesday, December 21, 2005

All Wrapped Up...or not

So I'm done. Christmas shopping is done. I've only 2 more stocking stuffers to wrap. Yeah!!! I think this may be a record. Of course the last few years we've drawn names with Kaisara's family so that has cut the shopping down dramatically. Uh-oh...while typing this I realized... though we buy savings bonds for our nieces & nephew we usually get them a tiny something too, candy or the like. We haven't got "candy or the like yet"!! CRAP!!!! Back out I go!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Family is for Fun

So Monday was spent at Disneyland & California Adventure with Kaisara, Mom, Dad, Jen, & Greg. We had such a great time! To start the day off right was all 6 of us getting in for free. I referred a coworker of mine to Kaisara's brother for a good deal on tires so as a "thank you", her hubby signed 3 of us in. My sister has a client that as a "thank you" had a friend of hers sign 3 of us in. There ya' go! Sweet!

None of us had been to California Adventure before. Kaisara, Dad & I got in before the rest (their contact was late) so dad & I forged ahead to do a little "product research". You know, for the common good of the people :-) We found California Screamin' to be a GREAT roller coaster & promptly went on it again with the rest of the group. So fast, so smooth, & very entertaining. We all also really enjoyed Soaring over California. What a neat thing! Poor Greg has no sense of smell so he couldn't enjoy the added feature of the smell-o-vision.

The Haunted Mansion, Nightmare Before Christmas style was the thing that got us there in the first place. Jen's been wanting to see it ever since they started doing it. It was great. I can't believe how much they change it. No wonder they close it & start setting it up in September.

We had such a great day. We ended it with candy, cookies, hot tea & coffee while watching the AWESOME fireworks show. Feel free to check out a few pictures from our day in my photo album.

The day was "practically perfect in everyway!"

Thursday, December 08, 2005

My man, the husband of a costumer

So not unlike many other mornings, I didn't see Kaisara before he left for work in the morning. He gets home at about 6:30 last night & almost immediately I notice something about the t-shirt he was wearing. I ask him, "Kaisara, have you been wearing your shirt like that all day?" He says, "Yeah why?" & looks at it. I reply, "IT'S INSIDE-OUT!!" Wait, it gets better...So we leave for bible study & I'm telling my sister the story & look over at my man, the husband of a costumer, and notice it's still inside-out! He didn't even change it! We cracked up! So he SOOOO aloha sometimes! What a weirdo. I love him to pieces!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Just Life

So I'm off of work for a week and a half. I start back at SCR next Thursday. This is a horrid time of year to not be working due to the lack of paycheck but it's a great time of year to be off of work to take care of life.

Seen a few movies: "Just Friends" (liked it), "Star Wars Episode III" (liked it alot more than I thought I would. very exciting), "Swingers" (very slow), "War of the Worlds" (liked it better than I thought I would), "Be Cool" (didn't like it, again), "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" (liked it). Still gotta see "Batman Begins" (by the way Daryl, can I borrow yours?)

Finally got started on the Christmas shopping. Can't disclose anything here. It might ruin a suprise or two. I've still no idea what to get Kaisara. Feel free to check out my wish list.

I've gone to the gym twice. Can't even cough my abs are so sore. Gotta keep going though. I hate it there. Is there any physical activity that is interesting that doesn't make you hate yourself & want to leave crying?

Have to make some HUGE banners for church. I'm a little unmotivated on this though. They've changed things a bit & now they're not sure where they want them to hang but they know they want them. What if I spend all this time on them & they get scrapped. That'd suck.

Helping my mom with computer stuff for the things she's gotta do for her lawyer. I'm glad I can help but am terrified of making a mistake. We've got an appointment this afternoon.

Worked on my scrapbook twice in one week. Got up to this past summer. I'm not as far behind as I thought. Never mind the trillion NZ pictures that are daunting me.

So that's what's going on with me while not working. Tons to do.

In pure Melissa fashion I'll close with a quote from my favorite Christmas movie:

Clark: Oh, I was just smelling - smiling. I was just blouse - browsing. I, uh, heh heh. Well, I guess it just wouldn't... Oh hee hee, it wouldn't be the Christmas shopping season if the stores were any less hooter than they - HOTTER than they are. Whew. It is warm in here, isn't it?
Mary: You have your coat on.
Clark: Yes, oh do I? Yeah, it is a bit nipply out. I mean nippy.
Chevy Chase in "Christmas Vacation"

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Up & Running

After much trial, I've finally got our pictures from New Zealand here for you to take a look if you'd like. On the side bar is a new section called "Take a Look". That's where they are & any other photos I feel like sharing will be. Feel free to check in & comment on those too!