Saturday, October 27, 2007

We're Safe

Sorry about the lack of updates. We're fine. We're all fine. Turns out that the fire got 0.6 miles from our condo & 0.3 miles from our friend Katie's condo. It would've only taken just the right gust of wind & just the right ember & we'd (correction, no we. our stuff) be done for. Super stinky but we're fine. Katie & her tiger-sized kitties only stayed one night. We were glad to have her & her boys. Somehow it's comforting to me to comfort someone else. I guess the caregiver, mom type emotions kick in & I just need to make sure my people are fed & have a place to sleep with a warm blankie.

Other than the fires life is CRAZY swamped. Halloween parties, surprises for others to prepare for, birthday parties to plan, work, laundry, extra office work for the extra mooola, preparing for my craft faire. yikes! gotta go.

Sorry again to leave you guys wondering if we were crispy critters or not!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Play it once, Sam.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

En Fuego! Really.

So this is a little scary. The fire is about, as the crow flies, 1.5 miles away. We came home early from work & are ready to flee to mom & dad's if need be. Our friend Katie's house is right next to the fire so her & her 2 kitties are here with us.

Prayers would be good. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Birthday Boy's Back!

Today's my boy's birthday. The big 3-4! Wow we're gettin' up there! He got a chair from me for a gift. He has sat in it every time we're in Target for the last year or so. I figured it was time to make it his own.

In even better news...Kaisara gave notice at his job!!! His last day is the 30th & he starts his new job the 31st. This has been a HUGE burden on Kaisara for months (and therefore on me). So much so that he hasn't been him. He didn't know he wasn't him but trust me, he wasn't. I hated it. I wanted him back! The morning after he gave his notice, while I was readying for work, he was laying across the bed on his stomach and was trying to clap with his feet. I didn't say anything at the time, I just stopped what I was doing and watched with a smile. HE'S BACK BABY!

Happy birthday, Birthday Boy!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Guess What I Got Two More Of

Yep! godchildren. My first goddaughter & my third godson! Cool, huh?

Cat & Randy asked Kaisara & me if we would consider being their kids godparents. Like with Geoff & Melissa, after asking what that meant to them, we gladly accepted the honor. Abby & Alex were baptized this morning & we were able to be a part of that. Baptism & godparent-ness is are things I take very seriously. Biblicaly, I believe that baptism is not required for, nor does it grant salvation but it's still a huge thing. I get goose bumps at baptisms. I get goose bumps & a little scared being asked to godparent a child. I'm accepting some responsibility for their spiritual well being. Wow, that's huge.

I hope I do my precious godchildren the service that I've promised them, their parents & my Creator that I would do & that I would do it with love and grace.

I'm Okay With That

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