Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ooops! It's Been A While

Wow. November. Really? It's been that long? I blame Facebook for my lack of blogging. Not that I spend alot of time there but apparently it's more time than here. So, if you're out there & are interested, here's an update of the life of Cate:

I'm only 4 shows away from finishing my 1st season as staff cutter/draper at the theatre. I was a little leary going in, you know, without my safety net of the staff cutter that I had as over-hire. Now I'M the safety net. Yikes! Turns out, I think I'm doing pretty well. Given, this has been a pretty easy season. No big builds. No really complicated periods. But still, parts of my job have been challenging & I think I'm succeeding at my new post. I'm fired for the summer the 1st week of June & am looking forward to summer break.

Summer break. Aaahhhhh. I love that I still get summer break as an adult. Not many of us do. Theatre folk & teachers. Anyone else? And that's only if you don't teach summer school or do summer stock (Did it once. That's enough. At least it taught me about cherry lime-aid. Thanks Cat!). My 1st day off Kaisara & I are heading up to North Hollywood for a wedding & are planning on staying up there for the night. Who needs that drive that late? The following weekend is our church's camping trip that I'm planning. It scares me that I need to be doing that now. Oy.

Kaisara & I are once again turning over a new leaf in our life-style as it concerns our chub-ness. Things have gotta change. AND THEY WILL!! We're eating better, moving more & have been enjoying it. Though we'd enjoy chips & cookies more. But alas, it's not to be. Sigh. I find it interesting that I loathe exercise when I think about doing it. But during & after the fact, I love it. I love it more than clicking away at solitaire or FB & yet, those things usually beat exercise out. Why is that? So, it's been about a week. Progress will be slow. But it will be.

We took our 1st advanced level Lindy Hop class. We decided we needed to do it. In the intermediate classes we haven't been challenged & while the intermediate/advanced class was more fun, it seemed to be review. We've got a laundry list of moves that we can do & do well. In class. It's on the dance floor as a lead & follow that we sort of loose our finesse. Our instructors told us that the advanced class would help. It's less about moves & more about dancing. Sweet. We liked it & are planning on going back.

So that's what I've got for now. I'll try to do better at the posting. Cheers!