Monday, May 26, 2008

Best Opening Night Ever!

Friday was opening night at work for our last main stage show, Taking Steps. All of us in the shop were really looking forward to this one. It did not disappoint. But really, how could it? Set in the 1970's with a 6'3" actor in a sage-green double knit polyester leisure suit & bad hair piece while one of the other characters thinks she's a gifted dancer and demonstrates her moves for anyone who will humor her. It was awesome. It was only to be topped by the after party.

Opening nights always have a reception of sorts after the show. Offering appetizers and desserts that they somehow try to theme with the show and beverages. This was the best yet. As you may know (from your parents' photos) the 70's were quite fancy so they must have had money left over for some extras. The food included fare such as: deviled eggs, mac & cheese, celery filled with cheese whiz, meat loaf & mashed potatoes and fruit salad. Desserts were blue, white & pecan rolled balls (truffles), chocolate-dipped rice krispy treats and HUGE containers filled with candy. There were celophane bags & chinese to-go boxes to fill with the candy. Sour balls, candy neckalaces, fun dips, candy cigarettes, & pixi sticks. Ahhhh the childhood memories. To top it off there was a 70's d.j. complete with disco light ball & a photo booth. All was free & all was enjoyed by all.

Below are the photo booth pics of the night. Kaisara couldn't make it so Katie was my date. All of the pics aren't very flattering but when are they? Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough & Gosh Darn It People Like Me

A weird self realization I had recently:

I've been a long-time DDR fan thanks to Brendon. I'm a more recent Guitar Hero fan & an even more newbie on the Rock Band scene thanks to Kat & Cat. I've never thought of buying a game system though. WAY too expensive. More stuff to store, etc. But really I guess it's the cash-ola.

Kaisara mentioned a few days ago that he'd like to have a PS3. "Why?", I asked. "I like the games Jeremy has. I think I'd like them." "Oh." Instantly I found myself pondering purchasing said game unit. WHAT?!?!? Why do I give buying one 'cause Kasiara wants one some brain time but don't because I wanna get a little DDR on? That's so stupid! I'm worth a game system! I'm still not buying one but now I admit to myself that I'm worth one.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Great Event

Yesterday was the craft show at Cal Poly Pomona. It was really the second annual Hot Rod & Tractor Show with the added feature of 15-ish craft vendors. Had I known it was going to be such a great event for families I'da pushed it more. There were the rods &tractors for the men, craft booths, farm store & nursery for the ladies, free horse rides, bouncer & petting zoo for the kids, and strawberry picking, ice cream, snow cones & kettle corn for everyone to enjoy together.

It was fun watching so many young families enjoying a great day together. Kids were given liberty to run wild in the fields to get all their wiggles & squeals out. Moms & dads could follow if they wanted or not. The staff was all super friendly & the weather couldn't have been better.

My mom came with me to keep me company. I was prepared to sit alone for 6 hours but wasn't looking forward to it. Mom was great. She helped me set up my tables, went oogling at the cars, sat with me quite a bit & I sent her out to work in the fields to pick strawberries. They're delicious by the way. Three big baskets full for $6. Kathy later stopped by for a bit so that was fun too. I also met a couple other etsy-ians. They were super nice. One even bought a couple a pieces from me. Check out their stores here & here.

I sold a total of 3 pieces (the grey polk-dot purse & 2 of my zipper bags) and handed out several business cards. At least it paid for my entrance fee (not by much) & I met several nice people. Who knows what a year can do but as of now, I'll do it again.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Doin' Good

Haven't updated y'all in a bit. Here goes.

I LOVE being a first hand at work again. It's soooo much less stress. I'm workin' with Bronwen which I love. The show is set in the 1970's so the clothes are far-out & super fun. One might say they are RIGHTEOUS!!!

I rode my bike to work yesterday from home. Yep. Made it in 1 hour 45 minutes & wasn't totally sweaty gross either. If you'd like to see my route (& therefore what a total machine I am) just click here. I rode from Kaisara's work again today (that's the norm) but am riding from home again tomorrow. So, so far I'm totally kicking my 700 miles in 2008 goal's bootay! It'd be rad if I could hold to this pace.

I'm selling my wares at a craft show at the old alum, Cal Poly Pomona. Apparently its a tractor/hot road show that'll have some craft booths. My guess is that they're to keep the ladies entertained whilst the men drool over the rods. Anyone wanting to make the trek out there, here's a link. The show's at the farm store so I'm gonna stock up on some awesome produce too.

Up for this weekend is training on Saturday morning. I signed up to work the polls in OC's election in June. Not sure how long training will be but I can't imagine it's that difficult. Saturday night is a b-day party for one of my girls. Sunday morning will be week 2 at a church we're test driving. It was great last week so hopefully this week will be too. I hate church shopping. Don't know anyone who does. Gotta do it though. It's totally worth it later on.