Friday, May 28, 2010

If They Have No Bread To Eat...

They should come to my house! You see, I got a hankering for a bread machine. I found one cheap on Craigslist not too far from home (I love me some Craigslist). Pictured here is the maiden loaf. Pretty, huh? I opted for your basic white bread thinking that'd be the easiest. Sure 'nough! It's tasty!

I informed Kaisara that said breadmaker was not purchased to increase our bread intake. His response was, "Why not? We'll just put alot of butter on it & less meat." While I would be more than happy to acquiesce to such direction, I don't think it's healthful. My hope is for a healthier product due to the absence of preservatives & ick in my bread. My theory is that making my own bread (or having my machine do it for me) will be a healthier & delicious choice for Kaisara & I all the while being a greener choice for my environment.

Did I mention it has a timer so I can have fresh bread waiting for me when I get home from work? It's hard being me.