Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Muscial

Man! Do I have some perks in my line of work! I make beautiful dresses with ridiculously expensive fabrics & get to keep the trash-scraps. I get to ask handsome actors, "Can I help you with your pants" and not only not get sued but am often taken up on it. And I get to see some really great shows for my favorite price...free.

Weeks before working at CTG Katie asked me if I wanted to be her date & see a show she's been really looking forward to, "The Drowsy Chaperon" at The Ahmanson Theatre. I'd heard of it from Bronwen (who loved it). I said sure. Katie mentioned she thought she could get $20 tickets. I said, "even better".

Then I got the job at CTG. I wasn't working on "The Drowsy Chaperon" but on a show for the Kirk Douglas Theatre. I thought I'd be brave & put some feelers out for some tix to The Ahamanson. That didn't really go anywhere.

A couple weeks later (my stint there was only going to be 2-3 days) management said they got an email offering tickets to "The Drowsy Chaperon" to all staff. Me no staff. Me over-hire. I still almost jumped up from my sewing machine. ANYWHOOO...Not only did I get 2 tickets to the show, one of my co-workers didn't want hers since she'd seen the show (and loved it) & gave hers to me. Awesome.

Called Katie. Said hey! Our date is free & by the way I'm bringing a couple other folks. Kaisara & Daryl were down. So there we were. Then Katie (who started this whole thing in the first place) went to Florida to visit the parental unit. I invited Cat. She's down. Then Daryl had a work emergency & couldn't go. Called Kathy since her & Cat could car pool. She's down too.

So off we go. Kaisara & I carpooled with Iris & Johnny. Cat & Kathy would meet us there.

THE SHOW WAS SO AWESOME I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU!!! The four of us were laughing out loud the whole time. We're still quoting it & laughing about it.

If you have an opportunity to see it, you should totally go. All I will say is don't wait for intermission to pee. And... there's a pair of roller skates.

I'd totally see it again right now. I'd EVEN pay for my ticket.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kitty Background Story

So here's the story: Kaisara & I went to see "The Drowsy Chaperon" at the Ahmanson Theatre a couple weeks ago (that's another post). We carpooled with my co-worker Iris & her hubby, Johnny. After the show they were dropping us off at Kaisara's work to pick up our cars when Johnny noticed a kitty under Kaisara's car. When we got out I called to her & she seemed interested. I walked up to her & she walked right up to me. I snatched her up & called my sis. Jen said we had 3 choices: 1 let her go 2. take her home for the evening & take her to the Santa Ana shelter in the morning 3. take her home for the evening & lie to a no-kill shelter saying that we found her in their city.

Couldn't let her go. She'd get mushed by a car or eaten. Couldn't take her to Santa Ana shelter 'cause that's never a good idea for several reasons. Couldn't lie to another shelter 'cause that's just wrong. Soooo, officially we're fostering the kitty. Unofficially we'll keep her if she's a good fit to the family.

Jen checked her out. She's about a year old. She had ear mites (they've been eradicated). She doesn't have any intestinal parasites & any other coodies. She may however be pregers. We won't know for sure for a while (no pee-on-a-stick tests for kitties apparently).

Zelda's pretty scared of her. Not Zelly's fault though. You know with the sneak attacks from behind & the ninja style attacks from under the bed and all. Who could blame the 70+ pound dog fearing the dread of the 5 pound kitty.

She's a tortoise shell with beautiful green eyes. I think her head's a bit large for her scrawny little neck but she's a pretty thing. Sorry folks. No pictures for now since the camera's gone AWOL. Kaisara's to borrow one from his work tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'll Start With A List

It's been a whirlwind of a couple weeks. The only way I can think to catch ya'll up without a mile-long post is a list. I'll try to come back with other posts to fill in the details. I'll start with the most recent flurry of activites & work backwards.

Mon., July 21st: Life's back to normal. Actually cooked dinner & started on Mt. Laundry. I'm officially out of clean chonies.

Sun., July 20th: Church, lunch w/new friends, tea w/Sewing Circle, dinner w/Kaisara's brother, Tony & his wife, Jennifer.

Sat., July 19th: Drop Kaisara off at worship team practice, go to pet store for kitty supplies, pick up Zelda from Mom & Dad's, pick up kitty from my sis' hospital, drop off Zelda & kitty at home, back to the pet store for proper kitty food, pick up Kaisara, go to Jeremy & Dana's for taco night/"Batman Begins", head to Big Newport for "Dark Knight".

Fri., July 18th: Work, head to OC fair for awesome fair food before seeing Train & The Wallflowers in concert, go on giant ferris wheel with Daryl.

Thurs., July 17th: Work & that's it! How'd that happen!

Wed., July 16th: Drop off kitty at my sis' hospital for a check up (she's probably pregnant), work, Bible study, dinner w/friends, realize it's Crista's b-day & I haven't sent her card (don't even have a current address).

Tues., July 15th: Work, call Mom to wish her a happy b-day, head to L.A. for dinner at Philepe's & show The Ahmanson, find stray kitty, take it home & start trying to find her a home.

Mon., July 14th: Work while recovering from 3-day weekend, water co-workers garden.

Sun., July 13th: Last day of vacation, enjoy 6 1/2 hour train ride home, unload car

Sat., July 12th: Happy 11th Anniversary to Kaisara & Me! 10+ mile bike ride (each way) to the beach & back again

Fri., July 11th: Leave for San Luis Obispo at 4:45AM, enjoyed the 6 1/2 hour train ride, rode 1 mile to our B & B.

Thurs., July 10th: Drop Zelda off at Mom & Dad's, work, call sis-in-law to wish her a happy b-day, water co-workers garden, pack for the weekend & realize the digital camera is lost.

Wed., July 9th: Work, Bible study, dinner w/friends

Tues, July 8th: Work, dance lesson in friends' livingroom, dinner afterwards

Mon., July 7th: Start new job, water co-workers garden & pick vegetables I wasn't supposed to.

Guess it's a mile-long post anyway. Oh no!!! Gotta go! Gotta pick up friend from airport! Guess it hasn't slowed down too much yet.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Doin' Great

Lack of posts have been due to a crazy-busy couple of weeks. Things should slow down a touch after this weekend. I'll fill you in then.

The great thing is, it's all been good stuff that's been keepin' me busy!