Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Link Would Be Nice

It never really occurred to me until Kaisara asked, "Do you have a link to your store on your blog?" DUH! Not that I expect you all to purchase my items but because you may, from time to time, want to check it out, just 'cause. So I've added a link in the left column under "You Might Be Interested" called Go Shopping.

I recently added two more knitted purses. I'm 1/2 done with another. I'm also working on a quilt to sell. It's velveteen diamonds. Sort of like a harlequin.

Oh yeah! I made a sale! While on our cruise someone in Akron, OH purchased two of my vintage patterns. It was exciting. Someone I don't know, found my site & bought something! Since the customer was in Ohio, I can say my business is national. That's me, a woman with a national company.

Watch out!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Racin' for the Cure (again)

Most, if not all, of you who read this blog already this but I'm posting it anyway.

I'm heading up a team again this year for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I'd love for everyone to join my team. If you're too far away to participate, I'd love for you to sponsor me. Hey, I ain't to proud to beg!

The event is 3.1 miles long & is on Sunday, Sept. 23rd at Fashion Island. Last year our team, Galatians 6:10, raised $2,500!

To sign up & hopefully join my team you can click here.

To support my participation in the event you can click here.

Thanks guys!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Fillin' You In

O.k. I've had a chance to breathe so here's the cruise update:

We had a great time. Neither one of us had cruised before but I'd never heard anything but great things about it. I'm really glad we tried it. From the moment you show up at the dock you're treated as a guest, not just 1 of 2,500 passengers. Our cabin had an ocean view which was nice but I'm not sure if I'd spring for it again just 'cause we didn't spend alot of time gazing our window. I'm glad we did it this time though.

The food was delicious & abundant. No charge, of course. The say that the average weight gain on a cruise is 8-10 pounds. I really tried to keep myself in check but still enjoy what was offered. That, in addition to the 40+ miles in the gym, I came back 5 pounds lighter. Ha HA!

We pulled out of the port on Monday at 5pm-ish and spent that night & the whole next day at sea. Tuesday's weather was great. All of the sun decks were pack with people. We lounged, Kaisara napped, I knitted, we ate & repeat.

We woke up Wednesday morning to a gorgeous view of Cabo San Lucas (see photos). It was really hot and there wasn't a breeze to be found. We got sucked in to a resort time-share tour. It was an awesome place & I thought priced excellently but still out of our league. Once back downtown we shopped around (didn't buy anything) and had lunch. We asked a guy how to get to a beach. It was a crazy long walk & by then we didn't have time.

Thursday was at sea but the weather cold and windy. Kaisara kicked my butt at Scrabble.

Friday was Ensenada. We took a tour to the blow hole & flea market. That was cool. Again, no beach to be found. Dang!

Saturday we woke up in San Diego.

Best things about the trip: Time with my man (of course), being treated so great by all the staff, playing Bingo (even though I didn't win), watching the horse races (I didn't have any cash on me to bet), losing 5 pounds.

Disappointments about the trip: The pool was really small & 2/3 of it was blocked off for the water slide landing, the water slide was only for kids, no beaches at the ports of call (later we found out we could have taken a water taxi to one in Cabo), the shows were pretty cheesy.

Dana wants to take a friends cruise someday & I'm all for it! I'm gonna try to get my sis & mom to take a just girls cruise sometime too!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

We're Back

I'll give more details later but...we're back from our cruise. It was awesome. The photos are up so take a look it you're interested. And while you're over in the left-hand column check out my weekly mileage. That's right! I hit the gym several times (had to burn off at least a little of all the food I ate).

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Super Excited!

Kaisara & I are leaving Monday morning for San Diego. We're taking the train. I love the train. I'd go everywhere by train if I could. "Why are you going to San Diego?", you ask? Well thanks for askin'! Goin' to San Diego to catch a little thing called a cruise ship.

That's right people. We're cruisin'. Yeah! We're celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary (that's 18 years together for you math geniuses). We wanted to do something that was a big deal since it is the big 1-0 and because we haven't been able to celebrate our anniversary for the past 5 years (thank you very much Pageant of the Masters). We've got some catching up to do. We were going to go to Barcelona. But I ended up out of work for 6 weeks in early spring so it woulda' been even more of a credit card vacation than this. It's not as big of a trip as Barcelona would have been, but I'm thrilled with our choice. We leave Monday, return on Saturday so we won't be gone as long or jet-lagged in the slightest. Since it was cheaper than our original plans, we went all out & got an ocean view room.

I've dropped Zelda off at Grandma Marty's for summer camp. Dana's coming over a couple times to get the mail & water my plants. I've made all of our pre-boarding arrangements. Now all I have to do is pack & keep praying really hard that my co-celebrator recovers quickly. Yep, Kaisara's sick. Please pray that he gets better fast.

I'll close with a quote from What About Bob?:
Bob: Notice anything different about me? I sail.