Saturday, April 29, 2006

100 Things

My friend Brendon did this a long time ago and I liked the idea. I thought it to be a good introspective exercise. "I'm gonna do that someday", I told myself. He's since done it two more times & Melissa did it last year. So did Crista. The hard part is not coming up with things that aren't really about you, ie: my dad's a Harley-Davidson mechanic. So, here's my list about me:

1. My middle name is Jeanette
2. I’ve been with Kaisara for over ½ of my lifetime
3. I’ve broken 4 bones, dislocated 3 joints, severed a tendon, had 1 concussion & almost choked to death too many times to count
4. My faith has been my own since Spring, 1988
5. I love to laugh & make others laugh
6. Depending on the time of day I’m between 5’8” & 5’9”
7. I’m a homeowner
8. It took me 7 years to get my Bachelors degree
9. I like my fingernails
10. I’m good at crafts but don’t like to keep them

11. I changed the spelling of my nickname from Kate to Cate
12. I’m rarely doing just one thing at a time
13. I won a horse show year-end championship for English Equitation
14. I took clarinet lessons for 2 years & piano for 5
15. I don’t like chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream
16. Aside from being born, I‘ve never spent the night in a hospital
17. I have a fear of being alone when I’m old
18. For over a year now I’ve wanted to die my hair purple but haven’t because my clothes wouldn’t match
19. Beautiful strangers intimidate me
20. Flowers for no reason get you way more points than flowers for an occasion

21. I’m a good seamstress
22. I have a phobia of diving headfirst
23. Though I’m only 31, I’ve been receiving newsletters from the AARP for years
24. I can’t get interested in politics but I do vote
25. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon
26. My sister’s & my nickname for each other evolved from the dog’s nickname
27. I don’t drink alcohol. I think it tastes like poison
28. I own 5 sewing machines
29. I volunteered in the library in junior high so I wouldn’t have to sit by myself at lunch
30. I like to go camping but always love coming home

31. I think I struggle with depression
32. I have 2 nieces & 4 nephews, not counting the 2 babies due this year
33. I know how to change the oil & tires on a car
34. If someone is whispering, I think it’s about me & never good
35. I was next in line for the rope swing on which my sister broke her back
36. My first car was a 1989 Jeep Wrangler. Still have it
37. I never moved before I got married
38. I’ve been to the southern hemisphere
39. My shoe size is 10
40. I love gum, chewing or bubble

41. I wish my relationship with the Lord was stronger. That’s my fault, not His
42. Only 3 people in the world are allowed to call me Cathy. No, you’re not one of them
43. I’ve seen Counting Crows 3 times in concert
44. I despise rudeness
45. Getting a hug for no reason makes me melt
46. I like to play Cribbage
47. I don’t have a competitive bone in my body, other than against myself
48. I like disco
49. I have a good smile
50. Silk gowns, dresses & skirts, but the chonnies gotta be cotton

51. I’ve gotten two driving tickets
52. I miss my far away friends
53. Annie, at the Pantages was the first professional live theatre performance I saw
54. The sound of Kaisara driving up makes me smile every time
55. I’m an overeater
56. As a kid, I wanted my name to be Stephanie, so that was my name when playing pretend
57. My highest bowling score is 90-something
58. I grew 3 inches over summer break one year. It hurt
59. I miss the sound of the coo-coo clock in my parents living room
60. I walk really fast, even when I’m not trying

61. I organize my CD’s alphabetically & my sewing patterns numerically
62. I bake a mean cheesecake
63. I weaned myself onto eating fish. I love it now
64. In 7th grade some lady told me I looked just like Barbara Streisand
65. I’ve never had anyone really close to me die
66. I love shoes & purses
67. I don’t consider myself creative though most people would argrue
68. Dishes are my least favorite household chore
69. I only own 1 pair of jeans
70. I can’t play poker or chess

71. I like scrapbooking
72. I almost always cry when the mom’s light the candles representing their kids at a wedding
73. I never had a grandpa
74. I don’t remember a lot of things my sister does from our childhood
75. I don’t see scary or violent movies. They haunt me for years, even during the day
76. I watch about 2 hours of television a week
77. I like the smell of dog feet when they’ve been laying around, relaxing
78. Pralines & Cream and Mint Chip are my favorite ice cream flavors
79. I have Pat Cramer’s recipe for Heart Attack Surprise. If you’ve never had it, you haven’t lived
80. I don’t like video games because I don’t want to be bad at them

81. I’m several months behind in my magazine reading
82. I blush easily
83. I’ve only romantically kissed 1 person. Countless times, but only 1 man...I’ll be right back…okay
84. I had to wear a white robe with an enormous blue bow under my chin for children’s choir at church
85. I have a beautiful commute to work 8 months of the year
86. Cheetos on tuna is my favorite sandwich
87. I have my mom’s hands
88. I’ve gone to 5 schools. Green & yellow were the colors for 3 of them
89. I love taking ballet classes
90. I sang Lollipop with 2 friends in my junior high’s talent show

91. I have 2 yellow dogs, both of which have far too much fur
92. I like wearing Kaisara’s t-shirts after he’s worn them
93. I started sewing my senior year of high school
94. I was tested at typing 92 words a minute perfectly
95. I wanted to own a koala bear farm when I grew up
96. I have no idea where I’ll be professionally in 5 years
97. I wish I spoke up for my beliefs & myself more
98. I am loved by many people
99. I think I’m funny
100. I am blessed beyond measure

Anyone still there?...Beular…Anyone?...Beular?


melissa said...

That's awesome, I learned a lot. :)

Flame Lilly said...

That's so much fun to read!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Cat said...

You are a complex person Cate. Cheetos on tuna? Hmmmm... very intriguing.

Seriously I am glad I know more about you. After 10 years of Friendship you'd think I'd know more. :)

Miss you Have fun a sewing circle-

Steve Hughes said...

Nice Blog Cate! I finaly updated mine just for you!

Ginger said...

You are extremely creative and I have a dressed up antique doll to prove it! Love you My Cate

Dani said...

Okay, Blog Big Sister, you once again lead the pack. I copy Cate'd you. Isn't it amazing what we don't know about each other? I think we should start a trend where we ask all kinds of questions to strangers instead of HOW ARE YOU TODAY? That's just going to lead to the inevitable.

(So does anyone call you CJ?)

Lydz said...

Hi Cate... I read all your 100 things about YOU! We have more in common than I thought, too. Once I get the house cleaned maybe I'm gonna try listing 100 things about me... isn't it fun thinking about yourself? :) I love your heart.

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